Episode 010 – The Power of the Mind

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Daphne Jones-RobinsonAuthorCEO and President of Pathway To Your Purpose LLC, a leading expert speaker, author of, The Power of the Mind - Health, Beauty and Wealth - Redefining What Defines Us, (Release Spring 2014) and Built by Bricks (to be released Summer 2014), mentoring coach, mother, wife and friend. She has written several articles in over five publications for a major nonprofit organization.

Early on she knew her life had a purpose and would dedicate it to serving and helping others. Being the creative person she is, working in the corporate world was not a perfect fit for her so she decided to leave it behind and never look back. Her journey began when she walked away from her job, got in the elevator, walked to her car, closed the door and took a deep breath. She knew she would be creating a new chapter in her life from that moment on.

Through her business, her mission is to encourage, empower and help women build the skills needed for a rewarding work and lifestyle. She inspires her clients to overcome obstacles that stand in their way of not only achieving their goals but to take a look in the “truth” mirror to see what is holding them back. For the past 15 years she has lived up to her purpose and believes every experience in life sets you up for where you are supposed to be.

To book Daphne for speaking engagements, send your request to: pathwaytoyourpurpose@yahoo.com. Copy and paste the following links to your browser for additional ways to connect with Daphne.

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